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Terms and conditions for use of the website

The website is owned and operated by The Swedish Glow, Hurksestraat 64, 5652 AL Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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All names, brands, trademarks and logos are protected by copyright and can only be used with permission from The Swedish Glow.
The content of the website such as text, graphics, icons, images, videos, audio files and software are the property of The Swedish Glow or their associated companies and partners.

Downloading content from the website is only allowed for personal, non-commercial use, provided you keep the copyright intact. You may not copy, republish or distribute content from the website for public or commercial purposes or otherwise use the copyrighted content without permission from The Swedish Glow. The Swedish Glow makes no warranties regarding the accuracy of the information on the website.
However, you are always welcome to contact us, if you find incorrect information on the website. The Swedish Glow is entitled to change the content of the website at any time without preceding notice.
If the website links to a third party website, The Swedish Glow makes no warranties for the content of the third party website. These links are made for your convenience only, but it is at your own risk when you visit a third party website.

Terms and conditions for sales

The below terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from
The Swedish Glow, Hurksestraat 64, 5652 AL Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  1. Conclusion of contracts
    The Swedish Glow reserves the right to claim that prices have been misprinted on
    A final and binding agreement between you and The Swedish Glow has been concluded when your order has been accepted by The Swedish Glow.
    The Swedish Glow will send an order confirmation to you by email when the order has been accepted and the shipping is underway. The order receipt received immediately after submitting the order does not constitute an order confirmation.
    You are only allowed to purchase products at if you are a consumer, i.e. not a business customer.
  2. Prices and payment
    All prices are stated inclusive of Dutch VAT. The applicable price is the one stated on in respect of the relevant product on the date of placing the order.
    Any customs or import duties are charged once the order reaches its destination country and must be paid by the recipient of the order.
    We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country.
    You may want to contact your local customs office for further information. All orders are sent from The Netherlands.
    When ordering products at an amount may be added in payment of shipping costs depending on the order value.
    The Swedish Glow reserves the right to amend prices, fees and/or other costs stated on at any time e.g. due to changes in VAT-rates or other public fees and charges or increase in cost level.
  3. Delivery
    The Swedish Glow reserves the right to exclude persons from purchasing at
    Furthermore, The Swedish Glow has no obligation to deliver items which are out of stock.
    The Swedish Glow will usually accept the order and ship the order within 1-3 business days. The Swedish Glow cooperates with PostNL, DHL, DPD, and UPS.
    The usual time of delivery is 1-5 business days calculated from the order date, but this will vary from country to country.
  4. Right of withdrawal
    You have a right to withdraw from the contract entered into pursuant to legislation on distance contracts.
  5. Return Policy
    When shopping at, you, as an online customer, have 14 days to return your order, starting from the day you receive it.
    In the event that the period expires on a holiday, Saturday, Constitution Day, on 24 December or 31 December, you may withdraw from the contract on the following weekday. You can only exchange your online purchase by returning the goods to our warehouse. It is not possible to return an item to one of the selling points.
  6. How do you withdraw from the contract?
    Before expiry of the cooling-off period, you must return the items received to The Swedish Glow.

    Withdrawal from the contract will be deemed in due time if, before expiry of the period, you have handed over the items to the postal services or other services having undertaken to be in charge of the dispatch of the items to The Swedish Glow.

    If you wish to retain proof that you have withdrawn from the contract in due time, you may for example keep the receipt stating that you have handed over the items to the postal services, etc., for the purpose of dispatch.

    Unless otherwise agreed, you must pay the costs incidental to the return of the items (postage/freight).
    If The Swedish Glow, according to the contract, has made replacement delivery due to the circumstance that the relevant item could not be delivered in its entirety, the costs incidental to the return of the items must, however, be paid by The Swedish Glow.

    The Swedish Glow’s name and address where to the items must be returned:
    Please return the items to:
    The Swedish Glow, Hurksestraat 64, 5652 AL Eindhoven, The Netherlands

    You may also withdraw from the contract by not receiving the items or failing to pick up the items at the post office, etc.

  7. Conditions for withdrawal from the contract
    A general condition is that you can return the items in essentially the same state and volume they were in upon your receipt.If this demand is not met, a significant decrease of value of the item will happen.
  8. Notification in case of non-conformity of items
    Any errors or defects in the item received must be claimed within reasonable time after such errors or defects were or should have been ascertained. In all cases, you must provide notice of any lack of conformity of purchase no later than two years from the purchase date.
  9. Liability
    The Swedish Glow is not liable for delays or for non-performance due to force majeure. For as long as a force majeure situation persists, The Swedish Glow is relieved from performance of its obligations.

    The Swedish Glow ‘s liability for any and all claims, including damages is in any circumstances, except in case of unlawful intent or gross negligence, and in addition to the above, limited to an amount equal to the price of the item purchased by the customer relating to the dispute. The aforesaid monetary limitation applies irrespective of the basis hereof and includes claims based on acts of negligence, strict liability, breach of warranties, penalties, liquidated damages and/or punitive damages.

    The Swedish Glow assumes product liability vis-a-vis consumers under applicable law without any limitations.

  10. Complaints
    If you have a complaint about an item you can contact us via
  11. Personal information
    We process your personal information strictly for the purpose of fulfilling the order.

Product Safety guidelines & Disclaimer

Safety guidelines

The Swedish Glow (known as “TSG”) takes the greatest possible care whilst developing its products. We can however not predict the occurrence of an allergic reaction to our products and cannot accept any responsibility nor liability for any such occurrence. Use of TSG products is always at Customer’s own risk. Certain TSG products may contain essential oils, butters and oils from natural nuts, seeds and fruits, as well as soy, dairy, honey pollen or wax from bees, shellfish and eggs. If you have any allergies, medical conditions or are pregnant, please read the product label carefully and consult your healthcare professional prior to use. We recommend that people who are pregnant, have medical conditions, allergies, sensitive skin and/or other skin concerns perform a patch test and/or consult a healthcare professional prior to use. Discontinue use of any TSG product should irritation and/or an intolerance occur. If any minor uses any TSG products, it should be only after the legal or parental guardian has discussed the TSG product with the minor’s healthcare professional. If you have experienced an allergic response to our products or have any questions about our ingredients, please feel free to send us an e-mail via

All facts, details & recommendations on this website or about TSG products are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of healthcare professionals. You should always review the ingredients for TSG products to avoid potential allergic reactions. By purchasing TSG products you accept responsibility to check with a professional before using any products that may interfere with any prescription or non-prescription medications you may be taking or any known or unknown medical conditions. TSG products are not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. TSG does not give or intend to give any answers to medical related questions and any information provided does not replace any healthcare professional or healthcare resource. TSG does not represent itself as a physician nor is this implied. No prescription medications or medical treatments are intentionally provided by TSG.

Patch test
It’s always a good idea to test your skin to check for a reaction from any new products that you are going to use on your skin. Apply a small amount of any new TSG ingredients and the blended product to clean skin on the inside of your elbow. Cover and leave for 24 hours. If a rash or redness appears, do not use this product (Cosmetics Line TSG)

The newsletter is only available in Dutch

The newsletter is only available in Dutch